Space Yetis are a 3333 genesis collection exploring the great unknown in the year 3022 after all human life has gone extinct. These beasts weren’t always superior and intelligent, they became who they are today from their precious Plasma in which they deeply commend. Their mission is to conquer all the Plasma in the Galaxy!

The idea behind Space Yetis came after discovering that many projects out there were put together in a rushed manner, with no long-term planning. After assembling a strong team over the past months who can execute well I am very excited about the future of the Yetis! The growth so far has been amazing, and this is just the beginning.



Phase 0: Space Yetis Mint

- Launch of 3333 Space Yetis - SOLD OUT.

- 5 Legendary Yetis were minted randomly, 5 were auctioned and transferred to a community wallet for future events and development of the project.

- See Legendary Yetis on OpenSea⬈

Phase 1: Release of $PLASMA

- $PLASMA is the utility token within the Space Yeti ecosystem.

- Token will be generated passively without needing to stake and will be used for future mints.

- Each yeti will generate 5 $PLASMA per day.

- $PLASMA will be generated for 10 years.

- We will be hosting exclusive in person events and raffles.

Phase 2: Sandbox

- Space Yetis will purchase plots of land in the Sandbox for future use and utility.

- Development of Space Yetis VX begins.

>>> Phase 3: Cyborg Fusion

- Cyborgs can be fused using 2 Space Yetis (Does not burn Genesis).

- 650 $PLASMA needed for fusion.

- Only 5555 Cyborgs can be generated, with their own utility down the road.

Phase 4: Partnerships

- We have a partnership for a first ever Cross-IP PVP game in the NFT Universe with PVE mechanics! (announcement on this soon)

Phase 5: Attack On Planets

- Yeti holders will be able to send their yetis on raids to earn rewards.

- Cyborgs will play an important role in this phase. 👀


Q: How can I acquire a Space Yeti?

Yetis were available to mint, but have since sold out. They can be purchased on the secondary market on OpenSea⬈ .

Q: What is $PLASMA?

$PLASMA is the utility token for the Space Yetis ecosystem. It is NOT an investment and has NO economic value.

Q: What can I do with $PLASMA?

$PLASMA will have uses in the Space Yetis ecosystem, including Cyborg fusion and other future developments.

Q: I have a Space Yeti. How can I earn $PLASMA?

All Space Yetis earn 5 $PLASMA per day. Unlike other projects, $PLASMA is earned passively, saving users from the transaction costs associated with staking. Earned $PLASMA can be claimed using the $PLASMA Station⬈ .

Q: Is there a cap on $PLASMA supply?

$PLASMA will only be generated for 10 years, after which earning will cease and supply will be capped.